The Murphy Group is thrilled to be a part of the NSF Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology and the Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. In addition, we collaborate with many other groups at Illinois and around the world to advance science for the benefit of all.

The NSF Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology is a a multi-institutional partnership aimed at developing a molecular-level understanding of the fundamental chemical and physical processes that govern the transformations and interactions of nanoparticles in the environment. The CSN is not a physical center but is instead a focal point for collaboration that links the complementary expertise of researchers at 12 different institutions to achieve what none of us could do individually. We co-advise graduate students and meet frequently in cyber-space. Funding for the CSN comes from theĀ National Science Foundation.

Logo for the Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

The mission of the Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center is to (i) perform fundamental, innovative materials research that has applications to societal needs, and (ii) support interdisciplinary education and training of students in materials design, understanding, and application.